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November 18, 2008

Maintenance Committee

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Board of Director's Meeting
November 18, 2008


President Jo Warn called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Board members present were Bob Burwell, Sue Clark and George Powers. Joe Giacomini was excused.


President Warn asked for a moment of silence in honor of Karen Oliver who passed away November 16th.

Jo stated that there was an emergency in the 680 building Sunday morning because water was coming out of one of the units. When she tried to use the emergency key, she found that the lock had been changed. She reminded everyone that the Rules and Regulations require that a key be provided to the Board for entry to units in case of emergency. If the association has to call a locksmith or if there is a fire the fire department will tear the door down at the owner's expense. The Rules and Regulations also require that the water to a unit be shut off when the unit is vacant. The unit owner causing damage to other units is responsible for the repairs to the other units.

Jo further stated that the garage is overrun with bicycles with flat tires. If anyone is not using their bicycle, please advise Steve so we may give it to charity.


Minutes of the October 2, 2008 Board Meeting were approved as presented.


Treasurer Bob Burwell reviewed the Financial Report for ten (10) months ending October 31, 2008. The Operating Account had a balance of $153,265; however $18,762 of that amount was in Prepaid Owners Fees. The Reserve Account had a balance of $545,482. Income for the ten (10) months exceeded Expenses and Reserve Funding by $29,299. Three owners were delinquent a total of $3,040 in monthly maintenance fees.


There was one letter in the Suggestion Box concerning the Special Assessment which will be read at that part of the Agenda.


It was moved and seconded to confirm approval of the following lease:
Unit #304 to Carol Azzarelli and Max Lowe for twelve (12) months.
Motion carried unanimously.


It was moved and seconded to grant confirming approval for a contract for $13,409 with Symbiont Service Corp. to repair the pool heating system. Motion carried unanimously.

President Warn stated that the Board and the Maintenance committee has been working with the engineering firm of Kerns-Whitehouse & Associates (KWA) and national contractor Structural Preservation Systems (SPS) for over a year in determining what needs to be done to repair our common area outside walkways and decks. A Technical Workshop was held October 1, 2008, with the Board, Maintenance Committee, KWA and SPS. At that workshop it was determined that a contract with SPS for $306,245 was acceptable, which was down from the first recommendation of over One Million Dollars.

Chuck Goldsmith, a unit owner and a member of the Maintenance Committee, has been working very hard with KWA and SPS in negotiating the contract. Cliff Snedeker, Chairman of the Maintenance Committee, read the recommendations of the Maintenance Committee dated October 1, 2008. Those recommendations included the statement "The bid from Structural Preservation Systems for $306,245 is a good bid and complete in its scope of work." Chuck Goldsmith then answered many questions from the unit owners.

It was moved and seconded to accept the contract for $306,245 from Structural Preservation Systems to repair the common area outside walkways the decks. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer Bob Burwell stated that are no funds in the Operating Budget for the amount of the SPS contract. He further stated that no funds had been set aside in the Reserves for this type of repair. The only option is a Special Assessment. President Warn read several letters from unit owners. Secretary Burwell read the letter from Pete Bauman, Unit #704, which was in the Suggestion Box. The letter requested the project be delayed because of the current difficult financial times. There were several questions and comments from the unit owners.

It was moved and seconded to impose a Special Assessment in the amount of $306,245 on all unit owners payable February 1, 2009. Motion carried unanimously.


Annual Membership Meeting, Monday, December 1, 2008.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Robert A. Burwell, Secretary/Treasurer