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February 27, 2006

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Board of Director's Meeting
February 27, 2006


President Jo Warn called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM. Board members present were Bob Burwell, Sue Clark, Joe Giacomini, and George Powers.


Minutes of the January 23, 2006 Board Meeting were approved as presented.


Treasurer Burwell reviewed Financial Report for one (1) month ending January 31, 2006. The Operating Account had a balance of $24,061.83; however $26,841.73 was in Prepaid Owners Fees. The Reserve Account had a balance of $386,700.27. Income exceeded Expenses and Reserve Funding by $2,646.32 for the one (1) month. Three owners were delinquent a total of $978.92 in monthly maintenance fees.


Ray Sturgis presented a written Management Report dated February 27, 2006. The resurfacing of the pool deck is underway and should be finished in a couple of days if we have good drying weather. Because of a change in the method by the State of Florida regarding elevator inspections, an addendum of our contract with Otis Elevator Company was necessary. The inspection is scheduled for the week of March 6th. A letter was sent to the owner with the barking dog. Bids for a bench for the tennis courts will be deferred until the next meeting. Two separate owners were billed for damage to building. Both bills have been paid. The six (6) shopping carts have been ordered and should arrive any day.

It was moved and seconded to approve a contract with ICT to treat the 680 lobby for termites for $650 with a $95 annual renewal premium. Motion carried unanimously.


The membership was reminded that notes in the Suggestion Boxes must be signed by the writer before they are read and a response made by the Board.

The following note was in the Suggestion Boxes:

Anita Johnson #709 – Requested the Board consider having the lock on one of the gates to the pool area repaired. It was the consensus of the Board to instruct Dan to reinstall the lock.

The following letter was received:

Cliff Snedeker #1003 – Requested that the Board take action concerning the barking dog on the 10th floor. Ray Sturgis stated in his Management Report that a letter have been written to the dog’s owner. Sue Clark reported that the owner informed her that she was putting her unit on the market and that in the meantime the dog goes with her when she leaves the building.


Covenants Committee – The committee offered a suggested new Rule & Regulation concerning the Entry Code.

It was moved and seconded to adopt the following Rule & Regulation:

Lobby Entry Codes

The code for entry into the lobbies will be changed semi-annually.

Notification of the new code will be issued in the Sunwatch Newsletter and will coincide with required mailings that are sent to owners.

An individual code will be issued to owners for up to thirty (30) days for real estate agents, (renewed when necessary) and vendors, (specifically regularly scheduled service personnel.)

Motion carried unanimously.

Emergency Committee – Recommendations for an additional generator fuel tank and for security cameras will be presented at the next Board meeting.

Guest Unit Committee – A complete spring cleaning of both units has been completed, together with new bedding and additional dishes.

Landscaping Committee – It was noted that an owner has been picking flowers instead of letting everyone enjoy their bloom. All owners are requested “Not to pick the Flowers.”

Social Committee – A St. Patrick’s Day party is planned in the pool area for Sunday, March 19th with BYOB cocktails at 5 PM and your favorite dish to share at a 6PM potluck dinner.

Maintenance Committee - The committee presented a monthly report dated February 6, 2006. It was requested that the monthly reports be circulated to the Board members prior to the Board meetings.

It was moved and seconded to approve a bid on the amount of $1,814 from Transdor Corp. to repair five (5) outside metal doors. Motion carried unanimously.

The next meeting of the Maintenance Committee is scheduled for March 6, 2006 at 7:30 PM in the party room. All owners are invited to attend.

Newsletter Committee – The newsletter is produced and mailed on a semi-annual basis. Any suggestions or ideas for the Newsletter Committee are welcome.

Welcome Committee – The committee is meeting with new owners and providing a packet including a roster and a copy of the Rules & Regulations.


It was moved and seconded to grant confirming approval for the following sale:

    Unit #402 to Jim and Tammy Maurice

Motion carried unanimously.


It was moved and seconded to allow the Marina Association to post their minutes on our Sunwatch Website. Motion carried unanimously.


The Reserve Study update for December 31, 2005 has been received. The report by GAB Robins states that the Sunwatch Reserves are fully funded, but they recommend that we increase our Annual contribution to the Reserve Fund of $89,952 by 3.5% per year.

It was moved and seconded to confirm the approval of the cable contract with Bright House Networks, LLC for a five (5) year period beginning January 1, 2006 , at $15.85 plus taxes and city fees per unit for our 98 units. Motion carried unanimously.

A legal opinion from our attorney, Ben Rabin, states that the “...maintenance and repair of the areas surrounding the exterior windows and doors ... clearly falls upon the Association as part of its responsibility for the common elements.”

The Maintenance Committee was instructed to address the issue of caulking all of the outside windows and doors.

A legal opinion from our attorney, Ben Rabin, states that the only way the Association could assess the owners of the eighteen (18) private garages a maintenance fee is by “...unanimous consent to such change by the owners and any mortgagees holding interest in the property.” He further states that if the expense to maintain the garages is “particularly high” an approval by seventy – five (75) percent of the unit owners could “shift the expense of such maintenance” to the garage owners.

Since the only expense for maintenance of the private garages is a small amount of electricity, the Board took no action on the issue.

We received a letter dated October 11, 2005 , from Mariaine Stoor in the Tampa office of the Bureau of Compliance with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation stated that “Sunwatch on Island Estates Condominium Association, Inc. filled a vacancy improperly, in violation of section 718.112(2)(d)8., Florida Statutes.” The letter further stated that “...repeated violations of a similar nature within two years of the date of this letter will result in further action by this agency.” Our attorney, Ben Rabin, wrote a letter to Sunwatch stating that “...the action taken was entirely proper and consistent with applicable law.” Secretary Bob Burwell was instructed to contact Mr. Rabin to find out the estimated cost to pursue the matter further in order that the “two year probation” is removed.

Deanna Snedeker, Unit 1003, suggested that the two remaining items not sold at the silent auction be sold through the consignment furniture store on Court Street.

Deanna Snedeker, Unit 1003, suggested that the owners with the Holiday lights on their balconies be requested to leave their lights off until the next holiday season.

Claudette Healy, Unit 703, stated the she attended the recent Island Estates Civic Association and suggested that other owners and Board members attend those meetings. The Board stated that usually owners and Board members do attend those meetings and encourage unit owners to join that Association.


The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 20, 2006 at 9:30 AM in the meeting room.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 AM.

Robert A. Burwell, Secretary/Treasurer